Portfolio Entry #4 Research Paper Project

Hello everyone,

The research paper is one of the most important assignments in our senior year. In my research paper, I analyze the character Heathcliff in Wuthering Heights of Emily Bronte. The character I choose possesses a malicious but also passionate traits. These two of his characters create his downfall as he goes through life. Through this project I learned how to write a proper research paper as well as the important of using logical reasons to judge people in real life. For my next research paper, I will pay more attention to MLA format and be more specific on what I wish to convey. Hope you enjoy it!

Research paper

Portfolio Entry #3 — Etymology Project

Greetings all,

Etymology is the study of the origin of words. As you know English words derive from different languages such as Latin, French, Old English, etc. As twenty first century scholars, we need to know the origin of words in order to connect their meaning to literary works. In this project, I chose one slang word and four academic vocabulary words. The reason I choose these words is because it will help me when I take the SAT. From the project, I have learned about the origin of the words and their meaning. Hope you will enjoy it!

Etymology project


Portfolio Entry #1- College Application Essay

Hello everyone,

As a senior, writing becomes part of my academic subjects. There are many things need to be done by writing. First stop is college application. For my college application essay I choose this topic, “Explain how your experiences as a teenager significantly differ from those of your friends”. As people go through life, each experience is different. The colleges are seeking to accept those students who make them part of their educational ¬†institution. That is why I choose this topic in order to express the important of my life as a teenager. My writing reflects my weaknesses and strengths. Besides, it also expresses my English level and way to improve it.

College Application Essay

Welcome Paragraph

Hello everyone,

Do you remember the time when your teacher told you to write an essay? I feel tired, don’t you?But after every piece of writing I have done, I feel very proud; my English is improving and moving to the next level. This blog is not simply a project that I have to complete in order to graduate but it also expresses my feelings, ideals, and pride. Hope you will enjoy it!